We are extremely proud of our distinctive international curriculum which allows our students to benefit from an incredibly diverse visits and exchange programme. We highly value your support for our international ethos and vision to develop global citizens who can converse freely in other languages with confidence in their own communication skills. These experiences are unique in the comprehensive sector.

We know the visits programme changes children; they often become a little less “yours” and a little more their own person, formulating their own views of the world and their place within it. They make lasting friendships, with both their travelling companions from Anglo and their exchange partners and their relationships with teachers also mature and become more effective as a result of time spent together beyond the classroom in a different learning environment.

Our work experience programme in Year 10 and Lower Sixth has a similar impact.  It also provides opportunities to work abroad although most is organised by families in various parts of this country.

We wish your child every success with their exchange or work experience and hope this proves to be educational, rewarding and memorable.

Mr Barrs and Mrs Gee

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